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Isolate Your Image From Foreground By Photoshop Pen Tools...

Clipping Path On Original Background

Clipping path is a common task for images editing. At CLIPPINGZ, we use Photoshop pen tools to make sure accurate paths on the subject. When you need Clipping paths on the original background then we perform up-to 300 parent zooming option to draw clippings around the object, so that there will no chances to have any leakage. We use Anchor Point to make every shape very smooth and perfect.

Clipping Path10
Clipping Path11

Multiple clipping paths on object in different layer

Multiple clipping paths are use to differentiate a full image to so many specific section of small piece of that image.

We provide multiple clipping paths on different path layer when you need to work with a product that have too many parts, Colors, Shadow and etc.So, you will able to change a particular part object, can change color what ever you want and so many works.

Editing Option

Clipping Path On White Background

After done clipping paths on object we use Photoshop techniques to isolate the unwanted background from object. It can be centralized on a frame as pure white background. Or sometimes it could create a transparent .png files to use in the different background.

We provide clipping paths on white jpg files, .PSD files, or a TIFF files as different customer's need.

Clipping Path8
Clipping Path9

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Clipping Path13

Why Should You Need Clipping Path...

To separate an object from unwanted background the clipping path techniques are formed. It is the basic and common task of Photoshop editing. When you need to change a specific part of an image you need to draw a clipping path on that area. Its also needs to do color correction of selected area. An image can be detach from any background using magic selection tools or using masking techniques. Unfortunately magic selection tools are not always capable to 100% accuracy. So, it is best to use hand made clipping path using Photoshop pen tools to have best output.

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