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Make Your Images Trustworthy With The Best Layer Masking Service...

By Layer Mask Your Photos Will Climb In A New Level!!

With the use of layer mask, we can help you hide parts of your images, giving it a perfectly white background and helping it achieve more conversions. Change the color, contrast, and effect of your photographs to give it a beautiful look. Our layer masking services help give the base of your images a perfect and blemish-free effect that helps draw the attention of your clients.

Take advantage of this service to remove dull backgrounds from your photos. Images that feature, for example, fluffy clothes and hairs can also be well edited with layer masking and clipping path.

Layer mask5

Boost Your Sale With Alluring Images!

High-quality product images are fundamental pillars of any e-commerce business. One of the most important determinants of success in this business is by the showcasing of the products for sale. When these products are treated by our professionals, what you get are crisp-looking high-quality and beautiful product photographs.

In the situation when the client isn't presented with a physical product, then, the image is the product. The stimulation of interest apparently begins with the product display before the product description. Good product photographs make the client have a brain-guess of what he could achieve with the product and therefore he ends up getting excited about owning it.

High-quality photographs ➡ increased leads ➡ high conversions!

Editing Option

Get Your Dreamy Photos From Our Layer Masking Service...

With the magic hands of our editors, images are processed and retouched non-destructively, giving them pitch-perfect effects. Our editors make use of handmade layer mask so the edges and the details are treated perfectly.

For your images to be suitable in Amazon, eBay and other product sales platforms, through our layer masking services, we make sure they have certain characteristics:

•We ensure the product occupies 85% of the photograph.
•We give them pure white backgrounds
•No Borders
•No texts
•No logos
•No watermark
•No mannequin

Layer mask6
Layer mask6

We use layer masks for tasks such as:

• Trimming and removing hair from an image
• Changing the skies in the landscapes
• Modifying the effect areas of the adjustment layers (curves, levels, selective color, etc)
• Removing parts of the photo that you do not need (like the photo header, for example.)
• Hide zones of a group with several layers
• Applying the "Dodge and Burn" effect.

Layer mask7
Layer mask8

Why Should You Need Layer Masking...

Images are the representation of realities, whether in business or art. And they have to be really extraordinary in quality for them to be given a second look. In respect to this, one of the most common uses of layer masks is to extract a subject and remove the background of a photo to make a montage. Whether you are a photographer, an e-commerce store owner, a representative of an advertising agency or just an individual who needs quality images, we create perfect images with white backgrounds for everyone.

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