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Represent Prominent Garment Products Image To Increase Conversion Rate...

Grow Your Business With Good looking Product Image!

Flat laid photographed images doesn't carry the standard what can actually convince a customer! To avoid your visitor jump to others, you should showcase your store with appealing images. A garment product should have a hollow or Ghostly looks. I can BET! your sale will rapidly increase if you understand the importance of having a power image that actually grow online business!

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Increase sell of garment products for e-commerce store!

To be honest! An Entrepreneur should represent E-commerce websites garments product image such a way that a customer become allured to purchase instantly. It's a true fact that, who used appealing product image on their online store are saying, an average 30% increase their sales by improving professional looks products images. Use an image that exists background removal, adjustment of required level , color balancing, perfect exposure, etc.

Editing Option

How To perform a ghost mannequin effect on garment product...

For this service we require photographed clothing garments on the mannequin and another photo of cloths inside out of the mannequin.

Clipping path is the basic and common task to edit any image. At first we will do clipping paths on the clothing garments to distract the mannequin into a white surface. It can be possible by a selection tools like quick selection, lasso or magic wand. (But we use hand made clipping paths for best output). After removing the mannequin we apply best Photoshop techniques for attaching the neck part on the product. We perform some basic retouch to remove dust, scratches and any other imperfections. Do crop and optimize for best fit on the web store.Also do color balancing for more professional and consistent.

This way of editing can be useful to promote garments product and gain more attention from the customers.

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Big volume? Fast TAT? No problem! 100% Quality Assured!

We have 34 highly trained Photoshop experts doing image editing works. So, we will be able to handle your big project in a very fast TAT with very good quality image.

To be honest! We work 16 hours a day. From 7 a.m to 11 p.m GMT+6 (Two shift) But we are very close to start our night shift too. So, We will be round the clock to serve you without any break! Cheer...

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Why Should You Need Ghost Mannequin Effect...

When you have product like T-Shirt, Ladies Clothes, Trousers, Jacket, Cardigan, Swimsuit, Lingerie and any other clothing product. You need to represent them so the product looks beautiful to customers. For that you have to use mannequin or human model during the time of photograph. After a successful photo shoot the Photoshop expert will apply their techniques for remove the mannequin or a human figure to make an attractive 3D effect. So that in the final the product get a hollow or ghostly look, that called neck-joint or Ghost mannequin effect.

We have highly trained Photoshop experts doing all kinds of image editing works including the Neck-joint service or Ghost Mannequin effect very perfectly. So, if you want to increase your sales with good looking product image, simply try our service and see how easily we can help you to achieve your goal.

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